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What Is Leaping Letters?

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Let Teacher Katie do the work while you enjoy playing along with your little one.  Simply gather the materials and press play!  In this series we will explore, play, and wiggle through the alphabet. Each letter contains over 1.5 hours of instructional content that includes, stories, art, movement activities, Play-Doh time, gymnastics, letter writing, and lots of fun! 

A virtual preschool created by a certified teacher!

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Enjoy over 40 hours of instructional time with Teacher Katie! Explore the entire alphabet and help grow your little learner. As a club member you can enjoy the entire catalog for only $15 a month.

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Live Classes and Camps

Join us from the comfort of your own home! Simply hop on Zoom for an interactive, movement filled class or camp with Teacher Katie! Live classes will be available throughout the year and will focus on different KOALAties such as teamwork, empathy, kindness, and determination.

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I have been teaching for over 20 years and have a passion for creating my own curriculum that incorporates character building, body awareness and movement, children's literature, and creative art all in one, fun lesson!  I have two little ones of my own, so I know what a gift it is to have quality time with your child.  Let me take the work out of preschool, so you can enjoy and connect with your preschooler while doing what they love: playing!

Meet Teacher Katie
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Digital Download

Gather your own supplies

Do you have a lot of craft supplies already? Opt for the digital download to print materials at home and gather your own supplies!

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This Koala Kit contains all of the supplies you will need for the whole program! The materials for each art project are precut, measured and ready to be used.  The box contains a binder of hand-drawn designs for each letter of the alphabet as well as fun movement activity supplies.  By the end of the program, your child will have an alphabet book filled with beautiful art for each letter! 

Supplies ready to go!

Koala Kit

What parents are saying!



"We LOVE Leaping Letters! We do the recorded version, but my kids feel like Teacher Katie is talking to them and they always answer her questions out loud.  They have learned the song and sing it all the time.  I started the program with my 4-year-old, but now the whole family participates (6-year-old and even my 2-year-old!)  Everyone gathers around the computer for story time and they all jump around the living room for movement time.  Their favorite is art time and I even had to purchase an extra art kit so that everyone could do the projects together.  I am so thankful to have this program and have been so impressed with everything!"

"This was a fun experience I could share with my little one. The classes were structured and engaging.  My son loved logging onto the computer and everyday would ask when he woke up if he had Miss Katie that day.  We had a blast!"

"I can't say enough about Teacher Katie's program.  She is so engaging and captivating in the prerecorded classes.  My 4.5 year old has learned and retained so much from this course.  She stays engaged and loves doing all of the activities.  The prerecorded classes work great with my family's schedule because we can fit them in anytime."

"This program is so wonderful because the recorded lessons allow you to do preschool with YOUR schedule.  Teacher Katie is warm, and relatable and plans such fun activities for the kids.  We love Leaping Letters!"

"What a fantastic program! Teacher Katie is warm and engaging.  There are so many fun activities.  It's very well put together!!"