What Do You Teach?

Let Teacher Katie do the work while you enjoy playing along with your little one.  Simply gather the materials and press play!  In this series we will explore, play, and wiggle through the alphabet. Each letter contains over 1.5 hours of instructional content that includes, stories, art, movement activities, Play-Doh time, gymnastics, letter writing, and lots of fun! 

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Enjoy over 40 hours of instructional time with Teacher Katie! Explore the entire alphabet and help grow your little learner. As a club member you can enjoy the entire catalog for only $10 a month.

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What's in a letter's lesson?

What about supplies?

Koala Kit

Supplies ready to go!

This Koala Kit contains all of the supplies you will need for the whole program! The materials for each art project are precut, measured and ready to be used.  The box contains a binder of hand-drawn designs for each letter of the alphabet as well as fun movement activity supplies.  By the end of the program, your child will have an alphabet book filled with beautiful art for each letter! 

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Digital Download

Gather your own supplies

Do you have a lot of craft supplies already? Opt for the digital download to print materials at home and gather your own supplies!

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