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January Give Back

Neighborhood Diaper Drive

Did you know that it can cost over $500 a month to provide diapers, wipes, and formula for a baby? Providing the most basic necessity can be a big financial burden on many families, specifically those facing homelessness.  This month, let's work together to collect diapers for those in need! Attached you will find a printable flyer to hand out to neighbors asking for donations to your cause.  Set a date and time that you will be by to collect those items and donate them to your local diaper bank!  Click the link to find the closest one to you! You can also visit Babies of Homelessness to donate directly online.


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Valentines for senior citizens

Let's brighten up someone's day by sending valentines to senior citizens! You can get crafty and design your own, or simply print and color the hand drawn valentine included here!  Print, color, mail, done!  A list of local nursing homes is provided.

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February Give Back