Kindness Matters!

Lesson K1: Kindness matters! Let's explore ways to show kindness to our family, friends, and community. In this lesson we will be on the hunt for different shapes! We will also be using tissue paper to make fun kites.

For this lesson, you will need the scarf, the shape hunt paper (in the art binder), a marker, the blue and pink tissue paper, the contact paper square, and crayons.

Story: Try a Little Kindness By: Henry Cole

Lesson K2: In this lesson we will practice our fine motor skills and use our geoboards to recall and build shapes. We will also practice making the letter K out of Play-Doh and use our dry erase boards to practice writing it, too!

For this lesson, you will need the scarf, geoboard with a rubber band, Play-Doh, dry erase board and the dry erase marker.

Story: The Kissing Hand by: Audrey Penn Illustrated by: Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

See you soon!

Teacher Katie

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