Let's look for JOY

Hi, Families! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and are ready for what winter will bring!

Lesson J1:

What brings you joy? Let's talk about the letter J and all of the joyful things around us. We will practice our fine motor skills with our popsicle stick activity and focus on gross motor with one foot kick-ups! Plus, we will make a cute jellyfish to add to our art collection!

For this lesson you will need the scarf, numbered popsicle sticks, letter J page, four pieces of ribbon (from the kit), water color paints, tape, and a small bowl of water.

Lesson J2:

Can you find a way to spread joy to others? Let's read a story about how to bring joy to the people around us! We will also be moving and shaking while we practice the letters we've learned so far. Plus, we will be learning how to write the letter J!

For this lesson you will need the scarf, alphabet cards A-J, Play-Doh, and the dry erase board/marker.

See you soon!

Teacher Katie

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