Let's use our VOICE and learn about VOTING

Lesson V1:

V is for VOTE! Let's read a fun story about the power of one vote. We will also play gymnastics Uno and make a fun volcano!

For this lesson you will need the scarf, letter 'V' page, brown paint, and markers.

Story: A Vote is a Powerful Thing

By: Catherine Stier

Illustrated by: Courtney Dawson

Lesson V2:

In this lesson we will continue talking about what it means to use your voice and vote. We will also practice our balancing skills on our balance beam as well as practice writing the letter V.

For this lesson you will need the scarf, painter's tape, bean bag, Play-Doh, and dry erase board/markers.

Story: Grace for President

By: Kelly DiPucchio

Illustrated by: LeUyen Pham

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