Letter E!

Hello, Friends! Let's talk about my favorite word EMPATHY this week! Our story today doesn't have any words, but you can tell so much about how someone is feeling based on their actions and facial expressions. Let's practice reading those expressions.

Supplies for this week:

Lesson E1: scarf, # hunt page (tucked inside your art binder), marker, Play-Doh

Lesson E2: scarf, coffee filter, blue and green marker, dropper, small bowl of water, dry erase board/marker. I recommend having a tray or plate with some paper towels for this art activity. We will be coloring the coffee filter and then using the dropper to drop water and watch the colors run together. It's a bit messy!

*Reminder* If something happens to the power or internet at anytime during class and I can't get back on, you can always access the recorded version of the lessons from the website. It's windy here today and the power has been flickering at my house. Hopefully it will hold strong through class! See you soon!

-Teacher Katie

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