Looking forward to seeing all of you this week!

Lesson P1: Let's talk about perseverance! Our story is a great example of what it looks like to persevere! We will also play around with geoboards and make a cute pom pom painted peacock.

For this lesson, you will need the scarf, the geoboard, crayons, letter 'P' page, the pom poms and clothespin from your kit, and paints of your choice.

Story: She's Got This

by: Laurie Hernandez

Pictures by: Nina Mata

Lesson P2: Let's continue exploring the letter P with some fun animal yoga! We will retell our story as we act out each animal. We will also practice making the letter P out of Play-Doh and then writing it on our dry erase boards.

For this lesson, you will need the scarf, Play-Doh, and the dry erase board/marker.

Story: Polar Bear Polar Bear What do you Hear?

By: Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle

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