Lesson T1:

Tolerance means accepting and loving others who may be different than you. Our story today highlights that we all have differences that make us unique, but we have similarities, too! Today will also practice letter sound recognition with a beanbag toss as well as create the most adorable tissue paper turtles!

For this lesson you will need the scarf, beanbag, rainbow alphabet cards, the letter 'T' page, green tissue paper squares, markers, and glue.

Story: Just Ask!

By: Sonia Sotomayor

Lesson T2:

Let's continue talking about tolerance! We will also practice shape recognition and fine motor skills using geoboards. Plus, we'll practice making the letter T!

For this lesson you will need the scarf, geoboard, Play-Doh, and the dry erase board/marker.

Story: It's Okay to Be Different

By: Todd Parr

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