Lesson W1:

What do you WONDER about? Let's explore our word of the day and also get moving as we listen for different letter sounds and identify the letters! We will also follow directions to make water colored whales!

For this lesson you will need the scarf, rainbow alphabet cards, the letter 'W' page, water color paints/paint brush, a small bowl of water, paper towel, and markers.

Story: Rosie Revere, Engineer

By: Andrea Beaty

Illustrated by: David Roberts

Lesson W2:

Let's keep practicing the letter 'W' with a wacky story and wiggle it out with a fun movement activity! We will practice identifying shapes as well as create the letter 'W' with Play-Doh!

For this activity you will need the scarf, shape hunt page, a marker, Play-Doh, and the dry erase board/marker.

Story: Wacky Wednesday

By: Theo. LeSieg

Illustrated by: George Booth

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